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So as you might have noticed... I haven't been updating, nor have I commented on your girls' entries as well. And I haven't been reading any posts on any of the JE communities. I think you all saw this coming, but just to clarify things and put this out in the open: I'm OVER Johnny's. I'm over all of them, meaning no more Arashi or Kanjani for me! I just lost interest, that's all. I saw this happen to many people before and I guess I'm neither the first, nor the last. :) I shouldn't be surprised, I guess. It happened to me so many times before: anime, manga, dramas...

I promise, however, that I still read your entries...I just don't comment due to the lack of time. LOL I try to squeeze out a comment here and there, but sometimes I don't really have anything to say.

And now to the main reason I'm writing this! Since I'm not in the fandom anymore, I think some of you will want to de-friend me, mainly because we don't have anything in common besides the JE thing, which is now the thing of the past to me. :D I will completely understand if I don't hear from you again after this post! I still would LOVE to save the awesome friends I made in these 4 years though (wow, it's been so long, hasn't it?). So of course, I'd be very glad AND honoured were you to decide to stay in touch! <3

Thank you, my JE friends, and I guess it's a goodbye to some of you! :D

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Back...sort of

Hi, gals, I'm back! Well, actually, I have been back for some time now (a little over a couple of weeks), but updating this old thing really slipped my mind!

Either way, thought I'd let you know so that you don't think I'm dead or human-traffick'ed or something! :)

It's awesome to be back and I'll update more when I'm better! :) (I'm feeling a bit under the weather...again)

Kisses and hugs!


Right. So once again, I've gone AWOL. XD What can I say, I've been studying like crazy for my last exam which I took on Monday. I'm so glad that's done.

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Some photos! :D

Hello again! It sure has been a long time! :D Having been nudged by my f-list, I decided to update.

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I'm still wondering and contemplating whether to actually use this thing... I've been an LJ user for like two years now and I don't have a single (non-private) entry. *adds self to ones of those LJ ghosts* After having a little chat with fayevalentine3 I'm still swaying... Anyways, maybe this'll help me decide...

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*contemplating in progress*

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